Graduate fashion week

Helped out my university a little at Graduate Fashion Week 2011 on Sunday :)
A few of us helped out in front of house and had to check in agency models for the show! Later we spotted James May from Top Gear whilst showcasing his new menswear collection [although I wasn't keen on it at all!]

 Stupidly forget to check the name of the designer/uni but wanted to share this clutch, beautiful in its own way

My university had a large section in the exhibition area! [Northumbria Uni link]

 Hair done by Loreal and Make-up by Rimmel.

Favourite backstage photo / Sneaky photo through door window

A group of us had to put a leaflet & vitamin water on every chair. Long!

All my goodies I came home with :) always makes me happy!



Jo said...

Wow, it looks like such fun! And you got so many freebies! Hooray! Nothing beats freebies!


Je suis Sophie said...

pretty awesome clutch. in some way...

x Je suis Sophie