Four men

I just wanted to share some news which has come to my attention all this week.
On Tuesday, four young Iraqi human right activists were finally released after being arrested for participating in peaceful demonstrations.They were beaten up, abused and were put in a detention centre with criminals/terrorists. However, Iraqi authorities covered up, claiming they were detained for carrying fake identity papers not for voicing their views. 
Another prime example of the corruption which still lies in the Iraqi government.

[Edited by me, Image from New York Times, Link]

Jihad Jalil -''It was not an arrest, but an act of kidnapping. Plain-clothed security agents arrested us and hit us in full view of security forces present near Tahrir Square, and they shoved us into ambulances. The first day of our detention, we spent nearly 10 hours in the prison yard, under the scorching sun, while being handcuffed and with our heads covered in black bags. This continued for 3 days.''

Every time I hear about things like this, which is unfortunately often, I personally want to do something to raise awareness/ help in some way. Hopefully I will think of something this summer.



Je suis Sophie said...

I think a lot of people want to help in some way, but only a few actually DO something.
I like those people, mainly because I think I'll never do it.. which is a shame.
I know.

x Je suis Sophie

Fashion Cappuccino said...

This is so terrible and the more people are aware of these crimes, the more we can help these innocent victims! I'm glad that they're expressing their experience and telling people what happened. xoxoxoo