Wimbledon season

I've been working night shifts everyday at Wimbledon during the Championships
It's not a glamorous job at all but when you need money you do what you need to do! I think the thing I needed to get used to the most was having lunchtime at 3am..anyway here are some bad quality photos I managed to take:

Uniform / Snacks & one of my favourite songs at the moment   [Chase & Status - 'Time' Feat. Delilah]
London view in the morning
When I came early for my shift - Henman Hill, Roger Federer on the screen.
 Standard tea to get me through the night
Managed  to get in Centre court to watch the Andy Murray & Ivan Ljubicic game!!
Best thing to have when I've finished my shift at 8am! :)



Not so bright-on

Headed down to Brighton on a drizzly & foggy Wednesday afternoon
Even though the weather was grim, it was nice to hang out, wonder down the lanes, going into cute shops, discover new graffiti work and go to the chippy of course! :) Here are a few photos from the day:

Cotton candy lollies from Cyber Candy
I know I look like an idiot, but hey - after we had to go & sit under the shelter behind me for some time because of the rain
Love a portion of chips & a cuppa, watching the photo develop.

I will get this next time it's a sunny day!



Vintage Madonna

I don't usually add pictures purely from another source, but I had to put these.
There are different elements about these photographs that I'm drawn to. In general, I like how masculine items are made feminine and how a touch of colour/pattern/texture makes it stand out overall (or even mixing it together). Enjoy!

Sasha Pivovarova by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris June/July 2011
Down Town Girl - Sasha Pivovarova channels vintage Madonna looks for the June-July issue of Vogue Parish. Wandering the streets in layered ensembles from the likes of Dries van Noten, Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs style by Joe McKenna - Sasha is a true chameleon in Inez van Lamsweede & Vinoodh Matadin's ultra cool photographs. [Link]

These black & white photos are so striking too



This week

A collection of pictures to sum up last week...well a little.
I actually watched 'The Kings Speech' the week before but so glad I finally got round to seeing it. Definitely recommend! Could be because I'm bias - pretty sure I've already mentioned how I'm a big fan of Colin Firth, he did not disappoint.

Love the Wallpaper in the film ^

Yeah so I stupidly chose these shoes for Thorpe Park on Wednesday. Soaked.

After watching a film with an american diner I made chocolate chip pancakes - great with a dollop of ice cream.

Brought 2 Motel dresses off Ebay!
Sometimes I get quite competitive on Ebay and treat it like an online game. I do the whole 'wait for the last 10 seconds' thing, then when I win I realise I don't actually want the items that much & I'm actually dealing with real money. My money.
[In this case I do really like these dresses :) ] 



Four men

I just wanted to share some news which has come to my attention all this week.
On Tuesday, four young Iraqi human right activists were finally released after being arrested for participating in peaceful demonstrations.They were beaten up, abused and were put in a detention centre with criminals/terrorists. However, Iraqi authorities covered up, claiming they were detained for carrying fake identity papers not for voicing their views. 
Another prime example of the corruption which still lies in the Iraqi government.

[Edited by me, Image from New York Times, Link]

Jihad Jalil -''It was not an arrest, but an act of kidnapping. Plain-clothed security agents arrested us and hit us in full view of security forces present near Tahrir Square, and they shoved us into ambulances. The first day of our detention, we spent nearly 10 hours in the prison yard, under the scorching sun, while being handcuffed and with our heads covered in black bags. This continued for 3 days.''

Every time I hear about things like this, which is unfortunately often, I personally want to do something to raise awareness/ help in some way. Hopefully I will think of something this summer.



Graduate fashion week

Helped out my university a little at Graduate Fashion Week 2011 on Sunday :)
A few of us helped out in front of house and had to check in agency models for the show! Later we spotted James May from Top Gear whilst showcasing his new menswear collection [although I wasn't keen on it at all!]

 Stupidly forget to check the name of the designer/uni but wanted to share this clutch, beautiful in its own way

My university had a large section in the exhibition area! [Northumbria Uni link]

 Hair done by Loreal and Make-up by Rimmel.

Favourite backstage photo / Sneaky photo through door window

A group of us had to put a leaflet & vitamin water on every chair. Long!

All my goodies I came home with :) always makes me happy!



Certain people

Saw Darwin Deez last Thursday with my friends! The band was really good, some fans..not so much.
 I understand every gig people obviously get excited, I do too sometimes, but I strongly dislike annoying girly groupies that flick their hair in my face every second & block my view...tbh I am short as well. OK rant over.

 Found this gun charm at the gig
From what I could see, in between songs they had funny dance moves/routines :)

Love these polaroids my friend took! It was kinda funny when we realised we had the 'gents' sign above us, ha  [Photo: Sarah E]