Sun equals park

It was a nice day weather wise on Wednesday so me & my parents decided to go to the park, as you do!
We went to Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon because my parents said they had randomly discovered it a few years back & thought it would be the perfect time to go. It was quite beautiful. 

 Ah the sky! [Cannizaro house]
I like reading all the memorial benches
Our secret little area..
 [My hair isn't greasy, promise!]
Paths everywhere! / Went to Toby Carvery after & my rents shared a Raspberry Eden Mess for dessert [above]
I opted for a hot chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream! Yum
I like ending my post with food.



Mirror of Fashion said...

Fabulous pics! And that cake looks so yummy! X

Lucy said...

whoa!! You actually have skies like that?! WHere?! hehe thats an incredible feta of nature - good job to capture it! :) p.s that choccie cake is making me drool :P