A little trip

For the last full day in Newcastle before I travelled back home I decided to go for a random day out.
We went to a bus stop & chose a destination. Spontaneous trips are always the best because you have no expectations on where the day will lead so it can only be good! In the end I went to the beach where it was nice & quiet!

House watching when I'm on the bus.
 If I lived near a beach, I like to think I would always go on walks there.

And it was nice watching people learning to surf  :)



lillie said...

i love this and physically cannot wait to see you on thursday xxx

bianca venerayan said...

these pictures are beautiful!


Izzy said...

So beautiful, would love to go there! Thanks for the comment, I've got an inspiration post up at the moment, hoping to do a full one maybe tomorrow!
Izzy xo

Je suis Sophie said...

just realised I need vacation and I still need to have my exams :(

x Je suis Sophie

elle said...

ahhh! i love finding other bloggers who live/study in ncl. whitley bay beach never looks as good as that when i go to it, so those are some fantastic photography skills! just started following you :)

elle x