Geordie girls

The first ever Newcastle Fashion Week started this week & I decided to get involved with a few events! 
First I went to a talk from Wayne Hemingway (co-founder of 'Red or Dead') on Monday which was really motivating! Then on Tuesday I went on a Shop Crawl , think 'bar crawl' but with independent shops. Each shop we went to gave us various discounts: always good!

 Only figured out later that Hemingway was in charge of lots of vintage events I go to/want to go to : [link]
One of shops I went to 'Trickle' had lovely tops, bit pricey for me but definitely given me some ideas ;) They also gave us some jasmine tea when we went in.
What I loved most about the shop crawl was discovering new shops! This shop, Deep, is probably a new favourite now :)
Bought a new vintage-look shirt (I might do a shoot with it when I'm home) / 'Made in Newcastle' store
I got a free goodie bag with the shop crawl! Mostly given to me by Made in Newcastle- Vitamin water, umbrella, postcards, DIY craft kit, keyrings, stickers, a bangle, tote bags etc.

Today (Thursday) I helped out with Northumbria Graduate fashion show! So new post on that next.
Some of the events that might happen next year for NFW sound exciting too.


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