Born to be free

And my first year at uni is done! In some ways its sad & it feels like it's gone way too quick but at the same time...it's officially summer time now!
I really want to be productive in my break as well as enjoying it so fingers crossed I succeed - and hopefully I'll also make the most of Newcastle Fashion Week starting this week too!

 After my deadlines this week my room is a complete mess! Just a load of magazine cut outs & crap everywheree
 In the design building at my uni they have put up fashion design's work, I think it looks pretty damn good!
 Went for a meal yesterday to celebrate two of my course friends birthdays at 'The Living Room'.  I had Cannelloni mmm
 It was quite classy & the details were lovely (and the music)/ 'White chocolate bourbon biscuit cheesecake with strawberries''.
and I was catching up with 90210 the other day (in sync with UK TV) and saw Naomi's t-shirt dress, I love it! definitely going to try to recreate this style in the summer. studmuffin does it so well too:) [Print screen image]



Tea Joeli said...

Lovely pics and blog:)

mari b. said...

those pictures are totally rad!
and yeah, naomis shirt dress is such a brilliant piece! love the slogan on it too.


Izzy said...

90210 is AMAZING! Your uni looks so futuristic and gorgeous, interesting post! Hope you visit back, I've done my first vlog would love to know what you think, if it's not to much trouble of course!

Panda said...

Love all the pics and, yeah, She looks so cool! You should def try it out, thanks for adding me in :3 Panda xo