Awrite Scotty-land

My weekend was pretty awesome! To celebrate one of my closest friend's 20th a few of us trooped up north for a gig in Glasgow then partied on in Dundee!! [where she studies].
Before the gig we decided to go to Frankenstein in Glasgow for a spot to eat. I've never been there before but it's quite original with entertainment on request, sound effects & yummy cocktails - I'm really bad at describing things but it was basically all Frankenstein themed :)

My friends had Dr. Frankenstein cocktails, mmm
 So we went to see the band 'Twin Atlantic' in their home town, Glasgeee! They were A-mazingg live!
The venue...It was very sweaty inside if I'm putting it lightly lol 
Hellooo Sam McTrusty.  [Photo stolen from Tala - because my SLR was banned :( ]
 Their new album 'Free' came out this week & I only got my hands on it a few days ago but now its constantly on replay - my personal fav is the mellow tune ''Crash land''. Love their accents.
Finally a last snap of friend's living room lights - I just liked the different coloured bulbs :)

OK now I should really do my uni work seeing as the to do list is longer than my arm, eek


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