Midnight snack

Saturday night, literally around midnight, I got so bored so I decided to bake some cupcakes! 
 I had all these plans to put pretty designs on them but after waiting for them to come out of the oven all my enthusiasm went & I just wanted to eat them...sooo I dumped mini marshmallows on them :) [ Oh & Yes I tend to go sleep very late]

Later I watched ''The secret life of bees'' again which is a quite sad but sweet film, I recommend watching it. [Print screen image]
My main point of mentioning this is basically because in the film I noticed her cute sleeveless shirt, I really like how the collars are buttoned down & the general casualness of it. Definitely a summer trend in my opinion, don't you agree? 


Sun equals park

It was a nice day weather wise on Wednesday so me & my parents decided to go to the park, as you do!
We went to Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon because my parents said they had randomly discovered it a few years back & thought it would be the perfect time to go. It was quite beautiful. 

 Ah the sky! [Cannizaro house]
I like reading all the memorial benches
Our secret little area..
 [My hair isn't greasy, promise!]
Paths everywhere! / Went to Toby Carvery after & my rents shared a Raspberry Eden Mess for dessert [above]
I opted for a hot chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream! Yum
I like ending my post with food.



A little trip

For the last full day in Newcastle before I travelled back home I decided to go for a random day out.
We went to a bus stop & chose a destination. Spontaneous trips are always the best because you have no expectations on where the day will lead so it can only be good! In the end I went to the beach where it was nice & quiet!

House watching when I'm on the bus.
 If I lived near a beach, I like to think I would always go on walks there.

And it was nice watching people learning to surf  :)



Time to show off

I helped out with Northumbria Uni's graduate fashion show at the Baltic on Thursday & sat in a show too.
Without being biased I really do think all the designs were amazing, you can see all the work that has gone into making them as they were at such a professional level. Here are a few photos I managed to take:

 [Designer : Jennifer Smith]
The large space at the Baltic was filled with clear chairs stacked in rows - the models zigzagged around them.  There were also 3 huge screens with film projections & a live video feed.
My course friends (above: Kathryn & Megan) actually modelled in the show, they looked amazing! Check out their joint blog 
♥ Fashion UK  [link] :)
 [Designer Lesley Elizabeth Ford]
I like these accessories :) [Designer : Clare Murray]
Love this collection, I want these tux dresses! [Designer: Lauren Wroe]
This is my favourite dress from the show, the all over red styling is genius  [Designer: Lauren Wroe]
Just a couple of snaps of me in my team tee overlooking the Quayside.



Geordie girls

The first ever Newcastle Fashion Week started this week & I decided to get involved with a few events! 
First I went to a talk from Wayne Hemingway (co-founder of 'Red or Dead') on Monday which was really motivating! Then on Tuesday I went on a Shop Crawl , think 'bar crawl' but with independent shops. Each shop we went to gave us various discounts: always good!

 Only figured out later that Hemingway was in charge of lots of vintage events I go to/want to go to : [link]
One of shops I went to 'Trickle' had lovely tops, bit pricey for me but definitely given me some ideas ;) They also gave us some jasmine tea when we went in.
What I loved most about the shop crawl was discovering new shops! This shop, Deep, is probably a new favourite now :)
Bought a new vintage-look shirt (I might do a shoot with it when I'm home) / 'Made in Newcastle' store
I got a free goodie bag with the shop crawl! Mostly given to me by Made in Newcastle- Vitamin water, umbrella, postcards, DIY craft kit, keyrings, stickers, a bangle, tote bags etc.

Today (Thursday) I helped out with Northumbria Graduate fashion show! So new post on that next.
Some of the events that might happen next year for NFW sound exciting too.



Born to be free

And my first year at uni is done! In some ways its sad & it feels like it's gone way too quick but at the same time...it's officially summer time now!
I really want to be productive in my break as well as enjoying it so fingers crossed I succeed - and hopefully I'll also make the most of Newcastle Fashion Week starting this week too!

 After my deadlines this week my room is a complete mess! Just a load of magazine cut outs & crap everywheree
 In the design building at my uni they have put up fashion design's work, I think it looks pretty damn good!
 Went for a meal yesterday to celebrate two of my course friends birthdays at 'The Living Room'.  I had Cannelloni mmm
 It was quite classy & the details were lovely (and the music)/ 'White chocolate bourbon biscuit cheesecake with strawberries''.
and I was catching up with 90210 the other day (in sync with UK TV) and saw Naomi's t-shirt dress, I love it! definitely going to try to recreate this style in the summer. studmuffin does it so well too:) [Print screen image]



Awrite Scotty-land

My weekend was pretty awesome! To celebrate one of my closest friend's 20th a few of us trooped up north for a gig in Glasgow then partied on in Dundee!! [where she studies].
Before the gig we decided to go to Frankenstein in Glasgow for a spot to eat. I've never been there before but it's quite original with entertainment on request, sound effects & yummy cocktails - I'm really bad at describing things but it was basically all Frankenstein themed :)

My friends had Dr. Frankenstein cocktails, mmm
 So we went to see the band 'Twin Atlantic' in their home town, Glasgeee! They were A-mazingg live!
The venue...It was very sweaty inside if I'm putting it lightly lol 
Hellooo Sam McTrusty.  [Photo stolen from Tala - because my SLR was banned :( ]
 Their new album 'Free' came out this week & I only got my hands on it a few days ago but now its constantly on replay - my personal fav is the mellow tune ''Crash land''. Love their accents.
Finally a last snap of friend's living room lights - I just liked the different coloured bulbs :)

OK now I should really do my uni work seeing as the to do list is longer than my arm, eek