You lazy oaf

Well helloo, on Thursday I ventured to the little launch party of the brand Lazy oaf's new 2011 collection in their shop on Carnaby Street. 
To be honest it was a 'pop in pop out' situation because the shop is so small, but it was nice to see their new stuff & get a cupcake!

 I want this tee (link), saw it on a shop assistant & it looked so summery
Gutted I couldn't get free 'Wah Nails' because the waiting list/queue was ridiculous! One day :(

 Apple cupcakes :) has cream inside too!
Bought this card from the shop for my sister's birthday...I think it's perfect. Haha joke.
Oh Regent St looks so cool with the flags lined up all the way down! and randomly in the day we stood by a crowd waiting for Pixie Lott at Swarovsji Crystallized store...but didn't wait long because she was gonna be in there a while. [Link]



Anonymous said...

those cakes look yummy!

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