Mama day

I was home for Mother's day on Sunday, ready to show the love. But she is the hardest person to get something for in any occasion!
Definitely not in a bad way, she's the most selfless person in the world and never wants anything in return. My dad is the same, always saying they don't need anything - which makes me want to get them something more! To be honest I should make her feel good everyday and I will work on that :)
haha love this photo of me (far right), my sisters & my mum ♥...mostly because I just love our 'Minnie Mouse' fur coats! I miss those bad boysThat and our youth spend in McDonalds, having little parties there lol, good times! Balloons are just a bonus.

I couldn't get her much but I made her a card & cake!

make gif animation
It's true & that's saying something.



Camelopardalis said...

aww cute childhood photo. those coats are really badass :)
and the cake looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

that's a hell of a lot of love ;) xx