Holey moley

I own cheap throw-away tights which end up laddering way too easily. When it gets to this point I like  to amuse myself & to encourage it.
I went a bit OTT but think it looks alright even though I don't think I'd have the guts to actually wear it out like this at the moment - depending on how you style it, it could look trampy! 

The end result. 

Really want to do this some day - DIY embellished laddered tights [link], 2BitchezDeep's give lots of DIY ideas & collect the best EXTREME fashion images/items, everything I love!

Ah if only I could afford these tights from Bebaroque & Les Queues de Sardines
Sometimes pattern tights can really make an outfit.



J.EA.C said...

Ah Dana I love them! You have to wear these out!

Although I may have to call you ke$ha when you do wear them ;)


ohheyhellothere. said...

i love them, i'd sure they'd add such a edge to a simple outfit. i'm not really the one to wear tights, but the photos make me want to buy some more and start wearing them again, thanks for sharing!xx

Ifee? said...

haha! i hate it sooo much when my tights get a rip in them! depending on how you rip it, they could look nice riped! if there is more of a ladery effect they look really nice, i personally think anyways!!
great blog! following!!

sophie foster said...

who would have thought tights CAN look nice when they are ripped?!