Enchanted tea

As special treat for my sister's birthday a few of us went to Kensington to see the Enchanted Palace & enjoy a spot of Afternoon tea! Snazzy stuff.
Yeah well apparently I can't hack it as a classy lady because I was so messy at afternoon tea it was embarrassing. Safe to say I won't be dining with the royals any time soon...

Nice & sunny before the freak thunderstorm.
My sneaky photo of the Vivienne Westwood dress :)
Afternoon tea at the Orangery (FYI: service is wayyy too slow) - I chose to have Chocolate tea, yeah you heard me!

Bought a necklace & ring at the shop, for historic items they were so so cheap, I kid.



Ifee. said...

you look like you had fun. and chocolate tea sounds great hehe:) xx

Anonymous said...

WOW, that place sounds AMAZING!
Chocolate tea >.<


lillie said...

These photos are looovely, that place looks too nice for a LAD + like you though Dana! hahaaaa I kid, looks like you had fun! :) xxx

sophie foster said...

i really need to try some chocolate tea!
i love that necklace!