Day to remember

Awwwhhhhhh - think that sums it up! It was lovely to spend Friday watching the royal wedding on TV and just like everyone else, waiting for the reveal of THE dress. 
After it all I felt pretty gutted I decided against venturing into London for the atmosphere because it looked amazing [everyone was in a patriotic mood] so decided to gatecrash a street party I heard about nearby instead!

 Perfect designer to make such a beautiful dress 
 Taken with my hand-held camera hence the fuzziness when zoomed. 

I thought it was lovely how this lady in a wheelchair was just observing the atmosphere & listening to the live music

And only realised later that my cardigan had the union jack colours 



Camelopardalis said...

omg you brits really do love your royal familiy! :D
the hype was insane, even in the newspapers/mags in central europe but i admit, i wasn't really interested. but i saw a few minutes of the wedding and the dress was gorgeous! they looked really cute and happy :)

Camelopardalis said...

thanks for your sweet comment! the last 'unreal' picture was taken through my pink sunglasses, that's why it looks different ;-)