Day to remember

Awwwhhhhhh - think that sums it up! It was lovely to spend Friday watching the royal wedding on TV and just like everyone else, waiting for the reveal of THE dress. 
After it all I felt pretty gutted I decided against venturing into London for the atmosphere because it looked amazing [everyone was in a patriotic mood] so decided to gatecrash a street party I heard about nearby instead!

 Perfect designer to make such a beautiful dress 
 Taken with my hand-held camera hence the fuzziness when zoomed. 

I thought it was lovely how this lady in a wheelchair was just observing the atmosphere & listening to the live music

And only realised later that my cardigan had the union jack colours 



Enchanted tea

As special treat for my sister's birthday a few of us went to Kensington to see the Enchanted Palace & enjoy a spot of Afternoon tea! Snazzy stuff.
Yeah well apparently I can't hack it as a classy lady because I was so messy at afternoon tea it was embarrassing. Safe to say I won't be dining with the royals any time soon...

Nice & sunny before the freak thunderstorm.
My sneaky photo of the Vivienne Westwood dress :)
Afternoon tea at the Orangery (FYI: service is wayyy too slow) - I chose to have Chocolate tea, yeah you heard me!

Bought a necklace & ring at the shop, for historic items they were so so cheap, I kid.



Little bow cake

It was my big sister's 23rd birthday recently! I didn't actually get her much due to lack of funds but I hope she appreciated it all the same :)
So I made her a Victoria sponge cake with a bow I made out of icing, 'Wreck this journal' and this card from Lazy Oaf.

Can't wait to see how the journal turns out! I'd want one too I like seeing how other people have ruined their journal - check THESE!
Hopefully I'll find something more I can get her too.



You lazy oaf

Well helloo, on Thursday I ventured to the little launch party of the brand Lazy oaf's new 2011 collection in their shop on Carnaby Street. 
To be honest it was a 'pop in pop out' situation because the shop is so small, but it was nice to see their new stuff & get a cupcake!

 I want this tee (link), saw it on a shop assistant & it looked so summery
Gutted I couldn't get free 'Wah Nails' because the waiting list/queue was ridiculous! One day :(

 Apple cupcakes :) has cream inside too!
Bought this card from the shop for my sister's birthday...I think it's perfect. Haha joke.
Oh Regent St looks so cool with the flags lined up all the way down! and randomly in the day we stood by a crowd waiting for Pixie Lott at Swarovsji Crystallized store...but didn't wait long because she was gonna be in there a while. [Link]



Bright time

Here are my Tuesday snaps! Went to Brighton with my friends because..well we wanted to!
That and one of us was going back to uni the next day (booo way to early for her to go!). The sun was definitely smiling, it really was the perfect day to sunbathe on the beach & have a cheeky shop! And of course I took  loads of photos - enjoy :)

 Standard Pier.
 Amazing antique shop with little gems - it was never ending
 Loved this ceiling in the upstairs of this little vintage shop ♥ 
 Just cute as.
 You'll find some of the best graffiti art in Brighton - there's me below to show the scale of it
End of the day, sun setting by the Pavilion..



Origami it

Thought I'd share this photo I took - shows that it doesn't take a lot to be creative & anyone can be creative.
Saw this man on Brighton high street and he seemed to make these by memory, selling his creations for some change.

I'll upload some more photos from my trip to Brighton soon :)



Triangle bunting

Went into central yesterday for a little shop...and came back with nothing...but it was a lovely day anywhoo :)
It was a cloudy day but still quite humid, especially in the tube, and was probably a perfect day to shop! Oh and my friend saw Ravi from Hollyoaks [meh] & I think someone from Britain's next top model - clearly I was in my own world when we walked passed them.

 Love her style from her blue hair to her shoes! [Took this at Camden Town]

Retro sunglasses ♥ BL Knee patches [Took this on Portobello Road] 

And it begins! You'll see these particular faces all around!

Notting Hill is beautiful, I bet everyone wants to live in these houses, I know I do.



Holey moley

I own cheap throw-away tights which end up laddering way too easily. When it gets to this point I like  to amuse myself & to encourage it.
I went a bit OTT but think it looks alright even though I don't think I'd have the guts to actually wear it out like this at the moment - depending on how you style it, it could look trampy! 

The end result. 

Really want to do this some day - DIY embellished laddered tights [link], 2BitchezDeep's give lots of DIY ideas & collect the best EXTREME fashion images/items, everything I love!

Ah if only I could afford these tights from Bebaroque & Les Queues de Sardines
Sometimes pattern tights can really make an outfit.



Oh Mister Darcy!

Finished this book on Monday, 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies', and it really does give a kick to the original. 
I've always liked the original & the film (I ♥  Colin Firth) but its good to mix it up - the author, Seth Grahame-Smith, uses about 85% of the actual text and adds zombies! Why the hell not!
 I won't give away too much about the storyline even though I think it's a bit obvious :)
 Actually found out about this book when I saw a calendar dedicated to it, so I went & looked for it.
[Book, Ebay, £3.80]

 It's pretty descriptive & parts are a little gory - text above, just lovely. 

''It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains''

Drawing I did of one of the illustrations in the book  ^

Overall a really good quirky book! There were rumours a while back that it might be made into a film soon with Natalie Portman as Elisabeth which would be amazing, guess we have to wait & see. Gotta get round to reading the sequel now.



Mama day

I was home for Mother's day on Sunday, ready to show the love. But she is the hardest person to get something for in any occasion!
Definitely not in a bad way, she's the most selfless person in the world and never wants anything in return. My dad is the same, always saying they don't need anything - which makes me want to get them something more! To be honest I should make her feel good everyday and I will work on that :)
haha love this photo of me (far right), my sisters & my mum ♥...mostly because I just love our 'Minnie Mouse' fur coats! I miss those bad boysThat and our youth spend in McDonalds, having little parties there lol, good times! Balloons are just a bonus.

I couldn't get her much but I made her a card & cake!

make gif animation
It's true & that's saying something.