Weasley jumper

There's always mixed views about Harry Potter, I personally love it so I thought why not do a little post...
The other day my flatmates even did a spontaneous HP quiz in the middle of the day..we must of just got on the subject, well I won the time I wasn't question master :) 

This is my very own Hogwarts tee - although I need to summon the courage to actually wear it out (one day) right now its my PJ top.

I'd be so grateful if someone made me a Weasley jumper, I've tried knitting in general and I'm crap. You can get this book for instructions! Cheers!

These HP tattoos are just awesome.
[I open at the close/ I must not tell lies]
 When I get a tattoo I want it to be a white one, I just love how subtle & delicate they look...however I've heard a lot of tattoo artists refuse to do it & you're more likely to get a bad reaction than black/coloured ink (can reject the skin etc). Hm.
[Deathly Hallow sign]
You can find more HP inspired tattoos here 



Camelopardalis said...

i love the deathly hallows sign so so much! and i also want a weasley jumper <3

i guess there are bad reactions to white tattoos because they look like leftovers from cutting yourself... at least that's what i thought first when i saw the pictures.


Violetta E. said...

beautiful :)

Choiii said...

I <3 harry potter :) the white tattoos are so awesome! I've never actually seen them before

SORDESCO said...

ohh the white ink tattoos are so beautiful! worth the risk, possibly