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For one of my modules at Uni, I have to create my own imaginary fashion-based P.R. agency & can publicize/promote anything or anyone I want! 
I decided I wanted my agency to represent young fresh designers/brands with a unique edge & get them noticed. I'm thinking of focusing on a British graphic-tee brand I'm already a fan of! [One of the three below] 

I've known about this brand for a year or so - There weren't many places you could get their items other than their website but I actually found out recently that they are now selling a few tees on the Urban Outfitters site and ASOS, exciting stuff!

 These are the 3 t-shirts I own from Orphan Arms [above] I always wear them :)

Close up of the raw print of one of my tees

I'm still yet to own an item from Boy London, but I love their B&W clean cut look - quite like one of their sweaters. They are sold in Urban Outfitters too!

Me & my sister have been big fans of 'Your Eyes Lie' since we came across their little shop in Camden a couple of years back (although now the shop has gone there, not good) but now they've been selling their items in Topshop! So they've done really well for themselves :)

This is the purple tee I bought ages ago from YEL, just so you know I'm no bird hater I just liked the design. On the right is the tee I aim to get soon - bonus being that its on the sale!

If you've never seen theses brands before, remember you saw them here first ;)


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Fashion Fabrice said...

Hi there darling:)
All of the shirts are awesome! Love the one you want!
We're hosting a giveaway on our blog by the way:)
Come & take a chance:)


Have a FABULOUS day!