Chocolate Oreo bear

Last weekend I went to Manchester to celebrate one of my closest friend's 20th birthday!
We partied, sang, danced, ate a lot of yummy food & overall had a lot of fun! It was just nice to see some faces from back home too and chat away like we do :)

This is the chocolate bear Oreo cake we made her! Mmm

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Our (me&my sister's) present wrapped for the birthday girl & the card I drew

This was a late birthday present I received [Lula Mag & I ♥ Cake cupcake cups] So cute!

Pages I love in my Lula mag - The writing & imagery is so lovely 

Cute little shop we came across with all things nice and random - from a goose lamp to party bag treats :)

Rubbish photo but I wanted to show  this flyer - Free paper...yes I am easily amused.

I bought: 2 hoop earrings for my upper ear piercing [£1ish each], Bouncy ball from toy machine [20p], Retro oval earrings from lucky dip! [50p] - just little bits&bobs!

On the night out on Saturday, wearing my new tights [Right]

Can't wait until the easter when we're all back from Uni and I get see all my friends again down south!



Her name is Sophie said...

Awesome pics! and this cake is soo cute :D

nice tights as well!

x Je suis Sophie

Rachelle said...

Aww sounds like you had a great weekend, the bear cake is so sweet! looks yummy too ;)
I really like lula magazine but I've only read one issue, I need to find somewhere that stocks it!
Rachelle xxx

Anonymous said...

Best birthday cake and presents <3 Thank youuu xxx

Camelopardalis said...

that cake looks so delicious! i have quite a lot of birthdays to attend in the next weeks...where can i find the recipe?

the other pictures are also lovely and i love your new tights <3

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

I can't find an email address so hi. Your blog's amazing and so original. I'm following :) x hivennn

MarieChérie said...

the cake looks incredible!
ill definitely try to make that one myself some day

oh & you take great pictures!