Lovely jubbly

Ah we've had snippets of sunshine but then it disappears again replaced with fog, what a tease. Hopefully it will stick soon! 
I'm starting to leave all my work to the last minute again because I'm just feeling unmotivated, however students at my Uni have set up a little bakery/savoury sale in the design building. Cheers me up a little, so cute & yummy.

Reminds me of a picnic - I fancy having one soon

Bought a bag of pick'n'mix sweets & pizza bread, £1 I think?

Just finished reading 'Lovely bones' by Alice Sebold. I personally think its a pretty good read & really makes you think about life after death. Watched the film after & I was surprised on how close it was to the book - obviously there are lovely detailed moments in the book that was missed but still good. Recommend reading the book first!

[Book - 60p, charity shop, Film - borrowed]




Those scones and jam look so yummy!
And your drawing is excellent, so talented!

ohheyhellothere. said...

The pizza bread looks delicious, I've never seen one before. :3 x