Just had to.

 I'm sorry I'm sorry, I know I've already posted this but it was bugging me that everything on my blog was clustered together.
You'll soon realise I'm a perfectionist,  it's a bit sad really but thats me. Also thinking of changing my top blog image just because I get bored with things too quickly, what do you think?  I'll probably be changing things around subtly all the time lol 

Saturday (12th) evening I went to a screening of  'Son of Babylon' (click for trailer) following its win at the British Independant Film Awards. I feel quite strong about it being Iraqi myself and its so moving, check out this blog post for a bit more about it.

This is a drawing I did of my sister quite a while ago!
 Check out & follow her blog Little t. :)



Camelopardalis said...

oh, i'm impressed by the drawing! you have a really nice, rough style. the technique you used for the eyes is amazing. will you post more drawings, please? :P

and for the header.... i like the one you have, but i will always be interested in new ones and give feedbacks.

NRC said...

Very good drawing! Impressive.

Je suis Sophie said...

the drawing is amazing!