Float ya Coke

A little catch up / summary from last week - my weekend was a lot better but I'll leave that for another post :)
This makes me look lazy&boring (probably because I am) but I was feeling pretty ill at the beginning of the week and saving my money so I didn't go out/ do much. Sucks to be me joke 

My flat-mates made me try a 'Coke float' because I've never had one before. I thought it looked disgusting but it was surprisingly good, I can imagine it being refreshing in the summer! [Basically coke & a scoop of ice-cream]

Chip butty with chicken mmm

I was catching up on Gossip girl, how amazing do these goody bags look, give me one! I spy Viktor&Rolf (print screen)

[Sorry really rushed sketches]

1. New sketchbook £3.50 Paperchase, I hate starting a new one, feel like I'm ruining it.
2. Limited edition Cookies&Cream Friji, it was only 54p in Morrisons! Yum
3. Just finished 'Devil wears Prada', don't know why it took so long to read - not that it's bad, guess I've just been busy. It's quite different from the film, I should of read it before I watched it but oh well :) 



Sarah said...

those coke floats look yummy but i hate ice cream soda so i can't imagine i'd actually enjoy one! I love your sketches!

oomph. said...

coke floats are yummers..but rootbeer floats are even better!


Camelopardalis said...

i cannot imagine coke and ice cream together...the thought kinda puts me off but many people say it's yummy so i might try one this summer^^