Oh I sea

Went to the South Shields beach on Wednesday for my friend's birthday! It was a laugh & definitely want to go back near summer time :) 
Nice to branch out to different places, because it feels like I've hardly been anywhere in Newcastle since I moved here for uni.  Anyways I took a lot more photos than I thought I did - as usual - and constantly forced everyone to pose for me...sorry guys. Here are a few I took:

Imagine it being quite creepy at night [towards the lighthouse]

The real beach. 

This little shack is cute ♥

Yum/ Yes I still like to play the 'run away from the sea' game.

The sand was lovely & it liked to stick to my shoes, apologies for my creased leggings - it's annoying me too haha :)



Who cares?

I've been soo boring recently, literally just doing work - OK lie, most the time I just sit in my room doing nothing and I've managed to watch A LOT of films! Thank youuu online movies. 
Yes but work. Got quite a few projects going, recently I've been tackling an essay on 'Celebrity'. Fun. 

Did this for a one day project at my foundation, seems fitting for this post. Can't remember what the 'peace' stands for just remember it taking ages. Who cares anyway?

Hopefully I will do more exciting stuff when I go home for Easter, less than 2 weeks, and take more photos in the sunshine!



Just had to.

 I'm sorry I'm sorry, I know I've already posted this but it was bugging me that everything on my blog was clustered together.
You'll soon realise I'm a perfectionist,  it's a bit sad really but thats me. Also thinking of changing my top blog image just because I get bored with things too quickly, what do you think?  I'll probably be changing things around subtly all the time lol 

Saturday (12th) evening I went to a screening of  'Son of Babylon' (click for trailer) following its win at the British Independant Film Awards. I feel quite strong about it being Iraqi myself and its so moving, check out this blog post for a bit more about it.

This is a drawing I did of my sister quite a while ago!
 Check out & follow her blog Little t. :)



Well in my day

Thought I'd show a selection of photos from my 'Fashion Photography' module from last term. I chose the theme Old fashioned.
I edited them to look like they were taken using film, focus on the background as well as the garment and think about the lighting. 

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook [above]       Inspiration/ Location/ Testing/ Location

Lit & Phil library, Near Newcastle station.

Assembly rooms, Newcastle.

I sneakily took this dress back after the shoot...Can't believe it's reduced to £5! No wonder it's out of stock.

My model was amazing, she's definitely photogenic! The colours come out differently on Macs/PCs so may have over done it but overall quite happy with the outcome :)



Weasley jumper

There's always mixed views about Harry Potter, I personally love it so I thought why not do a little post...
The other day my flatmates even did a spontaneous HP quiz in the middle of the day..we must of just got on the subject, well I won the time I wasn't question master :) 

This is my very own Hogwarts tee - although I need to summon the courage to actually wear it out (one day) right now its my PJ top.

I'd be so grateful if someone made me a Weasley jumper, I've tried knitting in general and I'm crap. You can get this book for instructions! Cheers!

These HP tattoos are just awesome.
[I open at the close/ I must not tell lies]
 When I get a tattoo I want it to be a white one, I just love how subtle & delicate they look...however I've heard a lot of tattoo artists refuse to do it & you're more likely to get a bad reaction than black/coloured ink (can reject the skin etc). Hm.
[Deathly Hallow sign]
You can find more HP inspired tattoos here 



Lovely jubbly

Ah we've had snippets of sunshine but then it disappears again replaced with fog, what a tease. Hopefully it will stick soon! 
I'm starting to leave all my work to the last minute again because I'm just feeling unmotivated, however students at my Uni have set up a little bakery/savoury sale in the design building. Cheers me up a little, so cute & yummy.

Reminds me of a picnic - I fancy having one soon

Bought a bag of pick'n'mix sweets & pizza bread, £1 I think?

Just finished reading 'Lovely bones' by Alice Sebold. I personally think its a pretty good read & really makes you think about life after death. Watched the film after & I was surprised on how close it was to the book - obviously there are lovely detailed moments in the book that was missed but still good. Recommend reading the book first!

[Book - 60p, charity shop, Film - borrowed]



Johnny Cupcakes in Landan

I had been waiting for this weekend for a long long time (my first  blog post!) for the first Johnny Cupcakes store to open up in the UK at Fouberts Place just off Carnaby Street! 
I've been a fan for a few years now since my friend Ismail introduced me to the brand so I came down especially from Newcastle - where I study - to witness the opening, show my support, get my hands on an exclusive tee & meet the man himself again :) There was a massive turn out and it was a huge success!

My sister & I started queuing at 10am and the shop opened at 1pm, but we didn't get in until nearly half 5 (7.5ish hours). It was well worth the wait though and just a great atmosphere to be around!

Amazing shoes worn by a German fan who flew over for the opening. Jeremy Scott bear trainers [Link]

 Got this jumper as a Christmas present 2 years ago, I love it :)

My goodies! 1 new tee, 2 badges, sweets, so many leaflets, a 'saved by the bell' card.

'Do more of what makes you happy' - A great philosophy to live by, I need to do this.
I got a small men's top because they ran out of women sizes but I prefer it like this!

All credits (I'm not a thief) go to my sister for giving me the idea to do this. I just took some photos of a selection people queuing up that were reppin' their JC tops to show past designs. Maybe I should have taken more but I was a little shy, so thank you for those who allowed me to take their photo :)

Bring on the 1 year reunion & 10 year anniversary coming soon.

p.s. it doesn't sell cupcakes, just clothing etc haha


Chocolate Oreo bear

Last weekend I went to Manchester to celebrate one of my closest friend's 20th birthday!
We partied, sang, danced, ate a lot of yummy food & overall had a lot of fun! It was just nice to see some faces from back home too and chat away like we do :)

This is the chocolate bear Oreo cake we made her! Mmm

Gif Created on Make A Gif

Our (me&my sister's) present wrapped for the birthday girl & the card I drew

This was a late birthday present I received [Lula Mag & I ♥ Cake cupcake cups] So cute!

Pages I love in my Lula mag - The writing & imagery is so lovely 

Cute little shop we came across with all things nice and random - from a goose lamp to party bag treats :)

Rubbish photo but I wanted to show  this flyer - Free paper...yes I am easily amused.

I bought: 2 hoop earrings for my upper ear piercing [£1ish each], Bouncy ball from toy machine [20p], Retro oval earrings from lucky dip! [50p] - just little bits&bobs!

On the night out on Saturday, wearing my new tights [Right]

Can't wait until the easter when we're all back from Uni and I get see all my friends again down south!



Float ya Coke

A little catch up / summary from last week - my weekend was a lot better but I'll leave that for another post :)
This makes me look lazy&boring (probably because I am) but I was feeling pretty ill at the beginning of the week and saving my money so I didn't go out/ do much. Sucks to be me joke 

My flat-mates made me try a 'Coke float' because I've never had one before. I thought it looked disgusting but it was surprisingly good, I can imagine it being refreshing in the summer! [Basically coke & a scoop of ice-cream]

Chip butty with chicken mmm

I was catching up on Gossip girl, how amazing do these goody bags look, give me one! I spy Viktor&Rolf (print screen)

[Sorry really rushed sketches]

1. New sketchbook £3.50 Paperchase, I hate starting a new one, feel like I'm ruining it.
2. Limited edition Cookies&Cream Friji, it was only 54p in Morrisons! Yum
3. Just finished 'Devil wears Prada', don't know why it took so long to read - not that it's bad, guess I've just been busy. It's quite different from the film, I should of read it before I watched it but oh well :) 



Orphan boy lie

For one of my modules at Uni, I have to create my own imaginary fashion-based P.R. agency & can publicize/promote anything or anyone I want! 
I decided I wanted my agency to represent young fresh designers/brands with a unique edge & get them noticed. I'm thinking of focusing on a British graphic-tee brand I'm already a fan of! [One of the three below] 

I've known about this brand for a year or so - There weren't many places you could get their items other than their website but I actually found out recently that they are now selling a few tees on the Urban Outfitters site and ASOS, exciting stuff!

 These are the 3 t-shirts I own from Orphan Arms [above] I always wear them :)

Close up of the raw print of one of my tees

I'm still yet to own an item from Boy London, but I love their B&W clean cut look - quite like one of their sweaters. They are sold in Urban Outfitters too!

Me & my sister have been big fans of 'Your Eyes Lie' since we came across their little shop in Camden a couple of years back (although now the shop has gone there, not good) but now they've been selling their items in Topshop! So they've done really well for themselves :)

This is the purple tee I bought ages ago from YEL, just so you know I'm no bird hater I just liked the design. On the right is the tee I aim to get soon - bonus being that its on the sale!

If you've never seen theses brands before, remember you saw them here first ;)