Sometimes eye lash out

Finally got these fake eyelashes in the post the other day, all 10 pairs of them...for 99p.
 I know, its crazy.
However it did take around 24 days to arrive (as it is sent over from Taiwan), I almost forgot about them to be honest - but it was like a little surprise. And of course it was found on Ebay, where most good deals are found!

I don't normally really wear fake eyelashes but I wanted to try them & not pay loads at the same time.

 The lashes might be a bit long for me so I might trim them. Oh & they are quite soft!

I thought I'd present them a bit differently...

Hand-creature? Should of really taken the written notes off my hands...couldn't be bothered to edit them off either, sorry!

This is what people might think of me so do a picture of it? Yep :)


P.s.  It doesn't come with a glue, but if you always get lashes you probably have one anyway. (and postage cost varies, mine was 15p)


Camelopardalis said...

wow, the hand-eye-creature is really pretty! and also very creative^^
sorry i haven't been so active on blogger lately <3

herecomesthesun said...

haha wow that's awesome!
i love fake eyelashes but they're really expensive here so i never get them, might have a look on ebay too!

Sofie said...

Amazing :O

check out my blog if you like :)


Anonymous said...

<3 D I love this! Lash up this weekend xx

summerbreeze said...

Oh wow!