Set fire to the rain

I'm a little bit in love with Adele's new album '21', my favourite song being 'Set fire to the rain', 
Especially when the song picks up. I tend to play a song or album over & over until I get sick of it, like a little faze. The main point is I think this song is lovely and you should check out her whole album out!

Always playing it on my ipod/itunes
Actually bothered to make some scones (with raisins) this week, with butter & raspberry jam making a winning combo. Something to accompany my daily doses of tea :) Oh how British of me!
New item! Bought this Topshop dress off ebay for a rounded £10 (thats including postage) , I really like that it is sheer and it's floaty-ness! Looks good with a waist belt too.
A close-up there of the cross at the front..I was going to share a photo of me wearing it but I didn't look my best, if I'm putting it lightly.
Oh oh oh and I'm jetting off to New york this Tuesday (8th) with my class, I've never been & don't think it's really sunk in that I'm going...but of course I'm excited! [not trying to rub it in btw]

Although I want to see & go to a few of the main attractions, I'd quite like to know if there's any hidden gems in the city? - the places that aren't as publicised! So if anyone has been before or lives there I'd be soo grateful if you let me know, I really want to make the most of my trip and get a feel  bite of the big apple!


Rebecca Lucy said...

Mmm those scones look yummy!
Cannot wait to get my hands on Adele's album :)
Lovely blog x


Dylana Suarez said...

That sheer dress is so gorgeous!



Renée said...

I'll do the same thing with songs, hear them 1000 times in repeat and after that never want to hear them again ;)

Camelopardalis said...

sadly i've never been to NY but i bet you'll have a great time there.
the dress = <3
the scones look delicious (and i have far more than one dose of tea per day even though i'm not british :P)
and now i'm gonna check out adele!


danniekate said...

i love love adele :) and i miss scones, darn my wheat intolerance xx

Anonymous said...

1) Bake me scones please :)

2) That dress is super hot, wear it when you come stay :)

3) WTF?! I didn't realise you were going to NY so sooon! You have to tell me all about the big apple<3

Vixen-23 said...

Love the dress it's so pretty! So jealous that you're going to new york! Have fun x

Erica Wark said...

I absolutely LOVE Rolling in the Deep, by Adele! Its my fave song right now! Love your pics, the scones look soo yummy, and that Topshop dress is amazing!

I'm your NEWEST follower! I hope you will visit me and follow me back!

xx Erica