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Well hello there, this is another post showcasing my work I did for my Art & Design Foundation year...
Just to say that I actually specialised in Graphic design in my foundation as I didn't want to be a 'fashion designer' but explore the jobs surrounding  the fashion Industry and it was the right choice for me :)

So for this project (either 3 or 5 day project? Can't remember) we were each given a plain book each and our task was to transform it. We could do anything, wish I went crazy with this project but I needed to make it slightly fashion based for my portfolio for the fashion courses I applied for. 
As the book I was given reminded me straight away of a glossy magazine  I stumbled across a thought about the amount of advert content especially in Vogue. This idea developed into looking at if people actually look at the the clothing or are they distracted my the model & vice versa.
So I cut out the model's silhouettes on the pages and had light shone through as my final presentation!
Some of my research/practise with the cutting knife, so fiddly![above]

Robert Ryan was my main Inspiration! Just amazing, I'm sure most people have seen his work



Camelopardalis said...

this is so amazing and inspiring :D
you're really creative, you know?

Abi said...

This sounds like such an interesting project. Love that you drew from the work of Robert Ryan. I think it turned out great!

Her name is Sophie said...

Amaaazing. omg, so nice. great idea also. How did u come up with it?

x Je suis Sophie

Her name is Sophie said...

It turned out really well, so nice job!
thanks :D

x Je suis Sophie

Anonymous said...

This was amazing D, such an awesome project <3