Icing on the top

I'm backk! I had an amazing time in New York!! I will definitely be doing the next few posts about my time there :)
The journey back did tire me out though, I have been up for roughly 30 hours (planes & sleep don't mix) but trying to get my sleeping pattern right by staying up...I thought this would be a good distraction 

This is a quick post based on Valentines day..even though it's almost over. All these photos were taken in NY and they like doing it big:)
I love the colours in this photo :)
Heart pizza ♥ 
I queued up for ' Magnolia Bakery' on Bleeker Street as they're famous for their yummy cupcakes & being in an episode of Sex & the city!
I got the Barbie cupcake which was especially done for Valentine's day, very pink! [$3.25] 'Ken wants Barbie back'
It was chocolate inside and as you can see, the icing was so thick with loads of spinkles! It did get a little sickening because I had to eat it quick before I checked out the hotel.
Here is a screen-shot proving it was on Sex & the city :) Click the image for the clip!


P.s. Sorry I haven't made my photos bigger, my background is proving to be difficult to adjust the width. I will keep trying, meanwhile just click for a bigger image :) 


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time! & that cupcake looks deliciousss! xxx

Renée said...

all that food looks so good!