Black to black

Soon the UK will be behind me. Well for the week, as I'll heading to New York in the morning for the first time :)
Can't really explain how I feel because doesn't really feel like I'm going at all, sometimes it only sinks in when you're on the plane...Even though its a slim chance that I'll get really close to NY fashion week, I'm secretly hoping, but also can't wait to SHOP haha. We will be going into the Urban Outfitters headquarters in Philadelphia too so overly excited about that too!

Standard note taking on my hand - the morning rush, forgot a few things & another excuse to go shopping really. 
Really needed some boots but I gave up looking. I'm glad, things always turn up when you're not looking for them! got these boots from Peacocks  for £16, they were £25 but they had a £5 off deal & with student discount I got more off :)
Had to be done, in preparation for the plane journey...everyone loves a 3 for £1 deal
Refer back to the title of this post - I started to realise whilst packing that I'm becoming a bit of a goth with all my black clothes, I guess they are my safety net. 
How have I under-packed? maybe I'm savvy in this department...ah well buy more there to equal it out ;)
My drawings of my little family of cameras.
Top left has never been used, purely because I'm too lazy to get a 620 film but sure does come in handy for hiding things (well I've blown it now), just found out recently top right camera is broken (r.i.p) might get another one because it cost the same amount to fix as it is to buy it again. 

Bottom cameras I'm taking to NY - the Olympus trip is the easiest film camera to use by far, I love it, I desperately need a flash for it though so I will get one as soon as I'm back. Then theres my SLR, the baby, my whole family chipped in to buy me it for Christmas 09, was all very emotional - I'm keen to keep learning how to use it properly :)

 I hope to be back with lots of pictures for this blog next week! Bye for now!


lillie said...

Dana, have the best time in NY! can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories when you're home :) Take care xxx

Lucy said...

ahh wow your drawings are so cute!! you should blow this up big and sell it as a print! WOuld love to see more of your drawings in big :)
Glad you liked my jumper, thanks for stopping by xxx