Beyond words

So another post containing another project I did during my Art & Design foundation year, it was a 3 day project titled 'Beyond Words'.
We were partnered up & were forbidden to talk out loud to each other. Our task was to explore a unique way to communicate without talking!

We initially looked into paper planes (testing the best design above) because when we discussed ideas , we had to write notes and sometimes throw it to each other across the classroom to communicate. But it was too obvious.

 Then went into secret messages & codes - exploring it to the max - we tried/made different ones & checked if the other person could decode it correctly etc process of elimination.

We decided on the 'Morse code' & thought about places or items we could hide them in. We thought clothing would be the best idea as it would be disguised as stitches - Morse code stitches

We each bought a shirt & made them have a conservation between them, if that makes any sense. The shirt below is mine & it had all the answers corresponding with the other shirt.

So this was my photo-shoot, styled like a undercover agent, mysterious and B&W. 

Can you see the subtle stitches? [Click the image]
Both our stitchings were different, kinda like a identity or handwriting...I wish I had a photo of hers.
Tell me if you have any questions :)



Ditchette said...

love the photography, and the subtle stitches are amazing


ohheyhellothere. said...

I love this so much, especially the photography! x

Leigh said...

so cool! the stitches are awesome :)
i love these photos! just amazing!


danniekate said...

this is completely brilliant, what an amazing idea! the end product is great too :) xx

Tabatha said...

This is really amazing, how highly creative! I love the stitches, I don't know if I had the patience to do something like that.

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