Sometimes eye lash out

Finally got these fake eyelashes in the post the other day, all 10 pairs of them...for 99p.
 I know, its crazy.
However it did take around 24 days to arrive (as it is sent over from Taiwan), I almost forgot about them to be honest - but it was like a little surprise. And of course it was found on Ebay, where most good deals are found!

I don't normally really wear fake eyelashes but I wanted to try them & not pay loads at the same time.

 The lashes might be a bit long for me so I might trim them. Oh & they are quite soft!

I thought I'd present them a bit differently...

Hand-creature? Should of really taken the written notes off my hands...couldn't be bothered to edit them off either, sorry!

This is what people might think of me so do a picture of it? Yep :)


P.s.  It doesn't come with a glue, but if you always get lashes you probably have one anyway. (and postage cost varies, mine was 15p)


Beyond words

So another post containing another project I did during my Art & Design foundation year, it was a 3 day project titled 'Beyond Words'.
We were partnered up & were forbidden to talk out loud to each other. Our task was to explore a unique way to communicate without talking!

We initially looked into paper planes (testing the best design above) because when we discussed ideas , we had to write notes and sometimes throw it to each other across the classroom to communicate. But it was too obvious.

 Then went into secret messages & codes - exploring it to the max - we tried/made different ones & checked if the other person could decode it correctly etc process of elimination.

We decided on the 'Morse code' & thought about places or items we could hide them in. We thought clothing would be the best idea as it would be disguised as stitches - Morse code stitches

We each bought a shirt & made them have a conservation between them, if that makes any sense. The shirt below is mine & it had all the answers corresponding with the other shirt.

So this was my photo-shoot, styled like a undercover agent, mysterious and B&W. 

Can you see the subtle stitches? [Click the image]
Both our stitchings were different, kinda like a identity or handwriting...I wish I had a photo of hers.
Tell me if you have any questions :)



Jump shadow

Yesterday I was looking back at old photo albums on Facebook and made me really want summer...NOW. 
Last year my sister, friend & I went for a last minute holiday to Corfu for a week. One of the main highlights was a day trip to Corfu town, it really was beautiful. So here are a selection of my favourite photos taken on my film camera:
A few seconds after this photo was taken the cat got quite vicious.

 So happy I caught this jump :)

 I loved the traditional railings & wooden window shutters. Photo on the right is probably my favourite, we found these boxes abandoned on the side. I can imagine using this as an inspiration for a photo-shoot.

I love this little accident ♥ 

Just bought a flash head this week [for £5] No more waiting for the sun to come out - and in north east England, you have to wait for a long time. Also means more photos to come?



Cookies & Bunnies

I feel like I didn't get up to much last week, mostly just catching up on TV series/programmes & being as lazy as possible really. 
Although recently I did get round to changing the buttons of one of my jumpers, taking in other's opinions from another post! 
I think it looks better :)

 I got these cute little detailed gold buttons from Debenhams (sorry about the blurry-ness)

To force ourselves out the flat a few of us went out for a nice meal on Sunday at 'The Slug& Lettuce'. I just had to show my dessert  which was:
A cookie biscuit base, filled with chocolate brownie, marshmallow pieces and chocolate honeycomb, served with vanilla ice cream.

Yum. Bonus was that we got 50% off our main meals because one of us couldn't get our first choice of meal, not that we minded, and desserts were 241...us students do like a deal

andd I brought tickets to see 'Twin Atlantic' in Glasgow [6th May] with my closest friends - can't wait because we all go to different universities so it's another chance to see them! I understand they aren't everyones cup of tea, but hear them out :)
I love their Scottish accents!
I discovered a cute quirky blog not too long ago called 'See Me Everywhere'. Check it out! Looking at her older posts I found that she has the sweetest bunny ever, so the other night I felt like drawing the photo [above]



Lame Game

My sister actually gave me an idea to recreate the Gnome Polaroids in 'Amelie' [One of my favourite films] for fun when I went away, so I thought why not!
I actually found theres something called the 'Traveling gnome prank' when I looked into it, you learn something everyday.

I took photos in different places in New york, then used photoshop to put them on Polaroids [I didn't use a real gnome, just printed out]
[top] 1. Public Library 2. Grand Central Station 3. Disney Store [bottom] 1. Times Square 2&3. Central Park

In the film Amelie wants her dad to do something more in his life, so steals his beloved gnome. The gnome is photographed by famous landmarks to show him the places he could discover himself if he traveled/left the house.

 What I brought: Standard 'I♥NY tee'/ Faded grey anchor sweater, Forever21

 Plain 3/4 length sleeve baseball top, Forever21/ Embroidered waist skirt, Forever21

You can clearly tell I liked Forever21 :) Aparently They are opening stores in the UK now, I think they're is one in Birmingham. [Link]

Black bow Suede flats, Urban Outfitters - Kimchi Blue [$9.99]/ Brown baby satchel, Flea market [$5]

 The flea market I went to (where I got my bag) was on 25th Street, near the hotel we were staying at...Me, caught looking at some woolly jumpers, as usual. [Photo taken by Jack.C]

And finally a little something from Marc Jacobs! This cute little Skull necklace :) We happened to visit the store on Bleecker St when there was a launch party going on for the collaboration with Playboy too.



I ♥ NY('s style)

I've organised myself a little bit now & decided to dedicate my post on NY style. There were a lot of stylish people around, although most the time I wasn't sly/quick enough to snap up a photo.
Thought I'd uncover the headquarters of Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia below too, It was actually amazing & huge! I'd love to work there one day..

Love this 'pull-up sock' look with 3/4 lengths/suit combo ♥ [Lower East-side]
Fur was all around - Though some people looked like they've been swallowed up [5th Ave]
These girls were wearing identical clothing but I think it works! Black on black [Outside Apple store] The mustard snood is  looking cool too! [Lower East-side]
Headquarters of Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia - Took us ages to get there because the driver didn't know where he was going, cuh 
There were multiple buildings for different brands within the company - It used to be a Navy base, so they've kept most of the original structure; Showing their positive outlook on recycling
After the tour, they gave a talk about the goings on of the company & personal stories of how they started out which was pretty inspiring. We were each given a goody bag of mini catalogs & cookies during the talk too :) 
Oh and they are allowed to bring their dogs to work! 
(Above: old layout) Although I liked the pinkness I changed my background so I could make my photos bigger as a few people suggested, like it? :)



Icing on the top

I'm backk! I had an amazing time in New York!! I will definitely be doing the next few posts about my time there :)
The journey back did tire me out though, I have been up for roughly 30 hours (planes & sleep don't mix) but trying to get my sleeping pattern right by staying up...I thought this would be a good distraction 

This is a quick post based on Valentines day..even though it's almost over. All these photos were taken in NY and they like doing it big:)
I love the colours in this photo :)
Heart pizza ♥ 
I queued up for ' Magnolia Bakery' on Bleeker Street as they're famous for their yummy cupcakes & being in an episode of Sex & the city!
I got the Barbie cupcake which was especially done for Valentine's day, very pink! [$3.25] 'Ken wants Barbie back'
It was chocolate inside and as you can see, the icing was so thick with loads of spinkles! It did get a little sickening because I had to eat it quick before I checked out the hotel.
Here is a screen-shot proving it was on Sex & the city :) Click the image for the clip!


P.s. Sorry I haven't made my photos bigger, my background is proving to be difficult to adjust the width. I will keep trying, meanwhile just click for a bigger image :) 


Black to black

Soon the UK will be behind me. Well for the week, as I'll heading to New York in the morning for the first time :)
Can't really explain how I feel because doesn't really feel like I'm going at all, sometimes it only sinks in when you're on the plane...Even though its a slim chance that I'll get really close to NY fashion week, I'm secretly hoping, but also can't wait to SHOP haha. We will be going into the Urban Outfitters headquarters in Philadelphia too so overly excited about that too!

Standard note taking on my hand - the morning rush, forgot a few things & another excuse to go shopping really. 
Really needed some boots but I gave up looking. I'm glad, things always turn up when you're not looking for them! got these boots from Peacocks  for £16, they were £25 but they had a £5 off deal & with student discount I got more off :)
Had to be done, in preparation for the plane journey...everyone loves a 3 for £1 deal
Refer back to the title of this post - I started to realise whilst packing that I'm becoming a bit of a goth with all my black clothes, I guess they are my safety net. 
How have I under-packed? maybe I'm savvy in this department...ah well buy more there to equal it out ;)
My drawings of my little family of cameras.
Top left has never been used, purely because I'm too lazy to get a 620 film but sure does come in handy for hiding things (well I've blown it now), just found out recently top right camera is broken (r.i.p) might get another one because it cost the same amount to fix as it is to buy it again. 

Bottom cameras I'm taking to NY - the Olympus trip is the easiest film camera to use by far, I love it, I desperately need a flash for it though so I will get one as soon as I'm back. Then theres my SLR, the baby, my whole family chipped in to buy me it for Christmas 09, was all very emotional - I'm keen to keep learning how to use it properly :)

 I hope to be back with lots of pictures for this blog next week! Bye for now!


Set fire to the rain

I'm a little bit in love with Adele's new album '21', my favourite song being 'Set fire to the rain', 
Especially when the song picks up. I tend to play a song or album over & over until I get sick of it, like a little faze. The main point is I think this song is lovely and you should check out her whole album out!

Always playing it on my ipod/itunes
Actually bothered to make some scones (with raisins) this week, with butter & raspberry jam making a winning combo. Something to accompany my daily doses of tea :) Oh how British of me!
New item! Bought this Topshop dress off ebay for a rounded £10 (thats including postage) , I really like that it is sheer and it's floaty-ness! Looks good with a waist belt too.
A close-up there of the cross at the front..I was going to share a photo of me wearing it but I didn't look my best, if I'm putting it lightly.
Oh oh oh and I'm jetting off to New york this Tuesday (8th) with my class, I've never been & don't think it's really sunk in that I'm going...but of course I'm excited! [not trying to rub it in btw]

Although I want to see & go to a few of the main attractions, I'd quite like to know if there's any hidden gems in the city? - the places that aren't as publicised! So if anyone has been before or lives there I'd be soo grateful if you let me know, I really want to make the most of my trip and get a feel  bite of the big apple!