Suddenly everything's right

After some consideration I brought the shoes I wanted from Debenhams [Faith] and I love 'em!
First I thought they were too high and that I was going to fall & break my ankle but my policy with heels are 'if you can jump in them, you can wear them' and I could. They were pretty comfy too :)

Ha, I didn't pay that much, only £22.50 in the sale

Can't really see the width of the platform here -got the high knee socks from Peacocks for only £2 

My drawings of my 'I wish' shoes, especially love the DSquared2 bone collection ...Anyone should feel free to buy me them :) 


p&p said...

just wanted to say...lovely blog!!
and amazing drawings!! love the shoes!


Camelopardalis said...

the drawings are super-good and i love your new shoes <3

Her name is Sophie said...

amaaing shoes, and the drawings are nice too.
DSquared2 bone shoes are awesome!

Thanks for your comment on my DIY!
x Je suis Sophie
fijne foto's!

wil supergraag zo'n galaxy legging.

Thanks voor je reactie ^^

x Je suis Sophie

Leigh said...

amazing shoes!!!! i love these!!! :)
they also look great with the socks!


Thekla said...

great shoes dear:)

http://www.inablondeworld.net/ check it out if you like it follow me i will follow you back xx

Anonymous said...

the shoes are amazing!
i'm following :)

Anonymous said...

<3 the new shoes d x

Froso M. said...

Ok, those amazing shoes really made me jealous! Great choice!

Froso from Style Nirvana