Should I get them?

I really love these heels ! ♥
But should I get them? I need opinions, I mean I shouldn't really as I'm ''budgeting'' at uni..but they are so pretty! Plus they are £22.50 on the sale in Faith (meaning they could go soon) so shall I just shut up and get them? Or not because I don't neeeed them?
In case anyone wanted them too, here is the link:
Click me!


lillie said...

hell yes! they're beautiful dana! xxx

- D - said...

Thanks Lillie! reallyy considering it! haha xxx

LJC said...

Ooh I think you should get them. They're lovely x

- D - said...

I think its very likely they will be ordered :) x

NerdGlasses said...

Thank for your lovely comment!
I love your blog <3
Following you!
Follow me too?

- D - said...

Done! :)