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Thought I'd share some stuff I found in a couple of charity shops back home over the Christmas period!
Always the best place to find some gems :)

Got this vintage-looking white/cream shirt for £3.99. I was actually looking for one so I could dress up as a 'granny' at a party...don't judge, it was funny! I was meant to get a hideous shirt but I kinda like the cut-out detail and sheerness, it also has thin shoulder pads.

A close up of the detail on the pocket and collar

The Goddess Guide, Gisele Scanlon

A writer, illustrator and seeker of all things stylish and eclectic, has exhausted her passpoert and gathered together the best of her findings into one unique collection. From the practical to the frivolous, the fun to the profound, the stylish to the surprising.. (from the one of the first pages of the book)

Original price was £10

My mum found this for me in a charity shop...should I be offended? Nahh, its packed with lots of cool things from useful laundry tips to where's best to get chocolate from, I would honestly take too long to list the contents! The design on the cover is lovely in itself and I kinda see it like a personal scrapbook.
Page dedicated to 'Vintage' 
One of a few double pages with tips and place to go in Paris
Finishing off with a few pages to write down you're own notes

Another thing about getting books from charity books is the chance of a written note inside the cover, its nice to have a read...ignoring the fact its a gift that's been given away haha - however I didn't want to post a photo of it because I'm paranoid like that and I'd like to think I'm giving that person a break :)

I'm likely to write another post about my 'Charity shop' finds! 

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Prissy said...

How girly & dainty is that shirt!!! I love it. Great find