Mistletoe & Wine

Ah don't you just love rubbish cracker jokes.
Another of my delayed posts, just thought I'd share a few things I got for Christmas :)

These satin wedges from New Look, I love the laced up ribbon! Also a cute little Christmas unicorn card I got from one of my sisters :) 
My sister got me 'The house of Viktor & Rolf' book because she knows how much I love them. It contains most of  their collections with sketches and plenty of photos, really inspiring! Below I've uploaded a couple of my favourite pics from inside the book :

Another book I got was '50 Fashion Designers you should know', you can get this from Urban Outfitters. I'm always forgetting the names of well-known designers because I have a mind of a sieve but as I'm a visual person this book is really handy with large imagery, brief texts & a time line throughout! Again here is a picture from inside the book:

I also got other bits & bobs and some money going towards my New York trip in February! eek so excited! 

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