Johnny Cupcakes Meet Up!

Warning: These next few posts are going to be a Catch-up from things a long time ago! 

I was lucky enough to meet Johnny Cupcakes himself on the top of Primrose Hill in London (September 2010), greeting us with boxes of mini cupcakes!
 A whole group turned up for one-to-one chats with him, repping their tees - jealous of all the designs I'd never seen before. 
Cakes provided from Crumbs & Doilies. Yum

The group gathered at the top of the hill

JC - Taken on my film camera :)

Photo from JC blog - I'm there in the front somewhere

Definitely can't wait until the first store in London opens on the 12th March 2011! I'm going to try my very best to get down from uni to Carnaby Street to get a cheeky look (and hopefully get another top). I'm sure the store will be one of a kind <3

Check out the Johnny Cupcakes merchandise on the site