Candy Striped

In my Art&Design Foundation course (last year), for the fashion module we had a recycling task. 
We had to go to a charity shop and buy a piece of clothing so we could completely change it. I brought a candy-striped men's shirt.

These are all the variations that I could think of in the time limit we had...which is above

 I hope you like them :)



Camelopardalis said...

wow, very cool project!
i'd totally wear the left and the centered one in the last row <3

Rachelle said...

That looks awesome!:)
Rachelle xxx

Camelopardalis said...

the skirt is from a store called promod. i know they have it in france and in switzerland but i don't know about GB.

Pierrot le Fou said...

wow, so many! and all gorgeous!

Maria Elba said...

this looks really neat! great post!