What goes around comes around

I went to my first vintage fair in 2011 on Sunday - which was another 'Affordable Vintage fair' set up at my Student Union in Newcastle.
I didn't actually buy anything there, not that there wasn't lots of lovely items! It was partly because I bought something in the morning from Ebay & I should be budgeting...doesn't hurt to have a little browse though! There was a lot of cute jewellery there so I thought I'd base my post on them.
Give me all of them!

All items in these pictures above are from 'Dolls & Molls' , you have to check them out! Their items are cute & unique..I like their business card too, 'Quirky jewellery to make you smile' :)
After my day out I came back to a nice cup of Thornton's original hot chocolate, it's pretty rich but it has little chocolate drops too (see it slightly in the photo). One of my flatmates brought it back from home and said she didn't want it so I wasn't about to say no.

If I've inspired you to have a cup of hot coco, you should check out & follow my friends new blog 'Covered Skin' whilst doing so, she's pretty amazing! ♥ 



Camelopardalis said...

i would've died not buying any of that cute jewelry!
i also checked out your friend's blog and started following, it's really cool :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks lover :) I can't wait to go vintage shop shopping with you! 5 weeks! x

Her name is Sophie said...

How can you even resist not buying anything :D

x je suis Sophie

Jane said...

that drink looks amazing! i definitely wouldn't say no to anything containing chocolate...

Renée said...

That looks great!!

Lauren Ashley & Drake said...

Hi! New follower, I love your blog. Anyway, I would have gone bankrupt if I had been there, no joke! The hot chocolate looks extra yummy. :)

bekkie louise said...

Oooooh craving a hot chocolate now!