I ♥ Jumpers

Like the title states: I love my jumpers! And just like 'Show and tell' I'm going to share my knitted ones, that I constantly wore throughout winter-time. 

Which is a bit sad, as much as I like spring, winter is going and it means very soon I can't wear them and they have to go into hibernation..especially the christmas-ish ones. I like that I can just wear them with leggings etc and they just make the outfit which is great when you're in a rush in the morning and you can dump it on! Not forgetting they keep you comfy and warm too! Don't you agree?

Moi, sporting my favourite one in the snow [above] 
Maybe I'll wear the others sometime and do another post!
My little collection with a close up shot below so you can see the patterns/details of them, I wish I had more but my family think I have too many already, boo... Anyways, I got these all from different places and all bargain prices , like from markets, ebay, thift shops etc, I've never paid more than £5 each for them

Another good place that has a massive collection of vintage ones is Beyond Retro, they have plenty of cute stuff and wacky designs. So although winter is almost behind us, it will come back soon enough! 

I aim to get a really hideous cliché Christmas jumper for next year! I'd love a Wealsey one ♥ ... hint hint



Camelopardalis said...

lovely collection of jumpers you have :D
and remember: you can never have enough!
i'd die for a weasley jumper :)



I've given you an award on my blog, come and check it out! :)