How Colourful

Thought I'd share a good deal I found ages ago - It's this cute 2-colour retro digital watch below :)
I remember first seeing it in markets/stalls and really liking it, but they were all selling them for around £8-£10. But  being me I checked on ebay for them too and they have had them for £1.99 each with Free postage!

 It does take a while to come but for that price who cares! You can set an alarm, it had a little light, its water-resistant etc...I realise now that the date in my photo is wrong but that's down to me
There are so many different colour variations, and if you can't choose a colour you can get 8 colours for £14.99! Or you can give them out to your friends :)
Click here to get your own, just go to 'see other items', click 'watches' and scroll through. Or type in ebay ' Rubber watches' and you'll find it eventually (3rd page?)

Another Place I found was 'Angelo's' in Newcastle near the shop Internacionale, it sells cheap priced ice-cream (yummy too) and this amazing Rainbow slushie! Both roughly £1, mmm sugar rush 



Camelopardalis said...

i love these watches! i used to have one when i was a child but threw it away when i was 13 because they became 'out' then :(
and that slushie looks delicious!

Autilia Antonucci said...

Thank you ! and do you live in england / london ? if so I am jealous of you !

Rachelle said...

That slushie looks amazing!& the watch is such a bargain :) Great find!
Rachelle xxx

leiladarling said...

lovely post! the watches are definitely a bargain ! x


t said...

Funky watch!