Hello new buys

Bits and bobs I'd to share :)
Although I stupidly took too long to go sale shopping (left with nothing I was really in love with enough to buy) I thought I'd try Topshop's eye  make-up seeing as it was only £3. My conclusion being that it's not too shabby if I say so myself, the quality & colours are pretty nice!

I also got the new No7 Nail varnish (00's WAITING LIST) getting it for £1.75 when I used my  £5 off No7 voucher (when  you spend over £5 in Boots stores). I admit that I honestly thought it was black but it's actually a dark/dull purple, it's a good thing I like it! Not sure if you can see the colour properly in the picture?

Popped back to another Charity shop [British Red Cross] and got the plain green shirt above for £1!  Not sure I understand why charity shops have sales, I guess I need to get rid off items that have been there ages, but not complaining! Looks pretty good tied up at the bottom & with rolled up sleeves. A bargain always makes my day even if it's not an amazing item..


Hannah said...

I'm really enjoying `Topshop make up, I think it's fairly reasonable and their eye pencils and lip stuff is fab in terms of colour and quality! The new shirt looks cute too, I'm loving oversized shirts, I've seen a spotty sheer one I want to nab when pay day comes around!

Hannah xx

milkandtwosugars said...

Completely agree! I've been trying to do the same and find the perfect sheer blouse too...but not one thats overly priced lol, where did you find the spotty one? :) x

Lin said...

Thanks for your comment :)
My tights are from a noname store in germany.