Good Ol' Vintage Fairs

So I'm lucky enough to have Vintage fairs at my University's SU a few times a year, with plenty of gems to find! These are the two I've been to since I started Uni this year :

 'Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair'
Many organised stalls from different companies/shops gathered together selling vintage jewellery, shoes, clothing, scarves..everything! A mixed range of prices, I did manage to get some T-shirts for a pound each but most cost a lot more, but to be fair everything I saw was in really good condition.

& 'The Vintage Kilo Sale' -
I've never been to anything like it! It's basically a fair with columns of categorised railings & boxes full of clothing, you weigh your findings & pay roughly £15 per kilo! People honestly dragged massive bin bags full around... I admit I was one of these people... But it was such a good deal! Definite recommendation. 

It's a Shame I didn't take any photos in this fair but I did of the Affordable fair. Oh well, next time!

These are only a few items I bought from both fairs :) [above]

People getting a good rummage
I wanted these Kurt Geiger heels soo bad (brown ones) but unfortunately I'm a sensible student :(

Cute entry stamp.

I'm hoping to go to the next one on the 30th January so I'll keep posted, if anyone wanted to find these Vintage Fairs near them just check out their websites and subscribe for free to get updated by email!

'The Vintage Kilo Sale' -

'Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair' -

Any questions, Just ask! :)

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