Camden Town

Just like my Brick Lane post I wanted to show a few photos from Camden, London, that I liked.
I'm starting to see a bit of a theme...Food. Well all things sweet :) 

Found this little sweet shop in the 'Old Horse Stables' (downstairs) in Camden, tucked away in the corner. I didn't think to get the name of it though :/ Sorry! But just to show it has so many varieties, and below is a close up of some traditional looking sweety jars and labels..

From the sweet shop (above) I got a little container that looked like it belonged in a game in a arcade - if you get me? I paid £1 and it was like a surprise in a box (Each one was different). Inside mine was a packet of pink chocolate pigs and a cute heart locket...which kind of looks like a sweet itself. I did struggle to open the container though!

 So go to Camden if you want dessert or a snack! And the market ain't bad either ;)

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