What goes around comes around

I went to my first vintage fair in 2011 on Sunday - which was another 'Affordable Vintage fair' set up at my Student Union in Newcastle.
I didn't actually buy anything there, not that there wasn't lots of lovely items! It was partly because I bought something in the morning from Ebay & I should be budgeting...doesn't hurt to have a little browse though! There was a lot of cute jewellery there so I thought I'd base my post on them.
Give me all of them!

All items in these pictures above are from 'Dolls & Molls' , you have to check them out! Their items are cute & unique..I like their business card too, 'Quirky jewellery to make you smile' :)
After my day out I came back to a nice cup of Thornton's original hot chocolate, it's pretty rich but it has little chocolate drops too (see it slightly in the photo). One of my flatmates brought it back from home and said she didn't want it so I wasn't about to say no.

If I've inspired you to have a cup of hot coco, you should check out & follow my friends new blog 'Covered Skin' whilst doing so, she's pretty amazing! ♥ 



Suddenly everything's right

After some consideration I brought the shoes I wanted from Debenhams [Faith] and I love 'em!
First I thought they were too high and that I was going to fall & break my ankle but my policy with heels are 'if you can jump in them, you can wear them' and I could. They were pretty comfy too :)

Ha, I didn't pay that much, only £22.50 in the sale

Can't really see the width of the platform here -got the high knee socks from Peacocks for only £2 

My drawings of my 'I wish' shoes, especially love the DSquared2 bone collection ...Anyone should feel free to buy me them :) 


Buttons & all things nice

I've always really liked little components, even though a lot of them can be overly tacky!
And I always end up collecting them even though I haven't got anything to use them for, most of the time I just like browsing - which I did here at Grainger market in Newcastle.

Lots of lace - just what I like to see
I think that is a pretty good deal ^
This is one of my jumpers (also in another post), I really don't know whether to change the buttons, they seem a bit chunky & plain, do you think I should change them?
Honesty is the best policy :)



Candy Striped

In my Art&Design Foundation course (last year), for the fashion module we had a recycling task. 
We had to go to a charity shop and buy a piece of clothing so we could completely change it. I brought a candy-striped men's shirt.

These are all the variations that I could think of in the time limit we had...which is above

 I hope you like them :)



Old News

Although these heels have been out for quite some time, I still really want them! 
From all these pictures, you can kinda see that I've been stalking them a bit...I first saw them in the metro used for a photo shoot with Charlotte Church dressed as a doll to promote her album - which is actually pretty cool. But couldn't figure out where it was from at first.

Obviously now I know they're from Office and did actually see them in the sale but only size 7/8 was left :( On the  site it's out of stock too.

I also saw them on the Elle 'Shop girl to stylist: Final' Internship competition on their website, ah they look so cute. Here are some screen shots:

Oh well I can admire them but I'm still looking out for them on ebay, so if anyone sees them I'm a size 5 ;) 
And special thanks Leah for giving me a blog award, so kind of you!



I ♥ Jumpers

Like the title states: I love my jumpers! And just like 'Show and tell' I'm going to share my knitted ones, that I constantly wore throughout winter-time. 

Which is a bit sad, as much as I like spring, winter is going and it means very soon I can't wear them and they have to go into hibernation..especially the christmas-ish ones. I like that I can just wear them with leggings etc and they just make the outfit which is great when you're in a rush in the morning and you can dump it on! Not forgetting they keep you comfy and warm too! Don't you agree?

Moi, sporting my favourite one in the snow [above] 
Maybe I'll wear the others sometime and do another post!
My little collection with a close up shot below so you can see the patterns/details of them, I wish I had more but my family think I have too many already, boo... Anyways, I got these all from different places and all bargain prices , like from markets, ebay, thift shops etc, I've never paid more than £5 each for them

Another good place that has a massive collection of vintage ones is Beyond Retro, they have plenty of cute stuff and wacky designs. So although winter is almost behind us, it will come back soon enough! 

I aim to get a really hideous cliché Christmas jumper for next year! I'd love a Wealsey one ♥ ... hint hint



How Colourful

Thought I'd share a good deal I found ages ago - It's this cute 2-colour retro digital watch below :)
I remember first seeing it in markets/stalls and really liking it, but they were all selling them for around £8-£10. But  being me I checked on ebay for them too and they have had them for £1.99 each with Free postage!

 It does take a while to come but for that price who cares! You can set an alarm, it had a little light, its water-resistant etc...I realise now that the date in my photo is wrong but that's down to me
There are so many different colour variations, and if you can't choose a colour you can get 8 colours for £14.99! Or you can give them out to your friends :)
Click here to get your own, just go to 'see other items', click 'watches' and scroll through. Or type in ebay ' Rubber watches' and you'll find it eventually (3rd page?)

Another Place I found was 'Angelo's' in Newcastle near the shop Internacionale, it sells cheap priced ice-cream (yummy too) and this amazing Rainbow slushie! Both roughly £1, mmm sugar rush 



Changing time

Last night I finished reading 'Eat, Pray Love'', by Elizabeth Gilbert - I wanted to read it before I watched the new film with Julia Roberts.
 Not going to give much away about the storyline just in case anyone is like me and hates major spoilers, but it was pretty good. I admit it took me a while to get into it at the beginning as you're told all the background info but when you get to the start of the actual story it gets more interesting! Makes me really want to have the same experiences and explore :)

I got the book from a Charity shop for £1.50
Also changed up my title picture (or whatever you call it) and drew it just because I kept looking at it and it feel a bit too much, made the new one simpler...which one do you prefer? And should I get rid of the background to make it clean cut? Be honest, I don't mind!

Also changed my blog name slightly :)


Amongst the Mist

A while ago I helped out my friend with one of her fashion projects, taking the photos for her.
It's meant to be quite raw but natural, and I think the misty effect kinda adds to it... So thought I'd share a few of my favourites from the shoot. :) Enjoy!

These are actually unedited too - liked it that way :)

Also the beautiful model is the designer! Watch out for her in the future!



Should I get them?

I really love these heels ! ♥
But should I get them? I need opinions, I mean I shouldn't really as I'm ''budgeting'' at uni..but they are so pretty! Plus they are £22.50 on the sale in Faith (meaning they could go soon) so shall I just shut up and get them? Or not because I don't neeeed them?
In case anyone wanted them too, here is the link:
Click me!


Hello new buys

Bits and bobs I'd to share :)
Although I stupidly took too long to go sale shopping (left with nothing I was really in love with enough to buy) I thought I'd try Topshop's eye  make-up seeing as it was only £3. My conclusion being that it's not too shabby if I say so myself, the quality & colours are pretty nice!

I also got the new No7 Nail varnish (00's WAITING LIST) getting it for £1.75 when I used my  £5 off No7 voucher (when  you spend over £5 in Boots stores). I admit that I honestly thought it was black but it's actually a dark/dull purple, it's a good thing I like it! Not sure if you can see the colour properly in the picture?

Popped back to another Charity shop [British Red Cross] and got the plain green shirt above for £1!  Not sure I understand why charity shops have sales, I guess I need to get rid off items that have been there ages, but not complaining! Looks pretty good tied up at the bottom & with rolled up sleeves. A bargain always makes my day even if it's not an amazing item..


Random Finds

Thought I'd share some stuff I found in a couple of charity shops back home over the Christmas period!
Always the best place to find some gems :)

Got this vintage-looking white/cream shirt for £3.99. I was actually looking for one so I could dress up as a 'granny' at a party...don't judge, it was funny! I was meant to get a hideous shirt but I kinda like the cut-out detail and sheerness, it also has thin shoulder pads.

A close up of the detail on the pocket and collar

The Goddess Guide, Gisele Scanlon

A writer, illustrator and seeker of all things stylish and eclectic, has exhausted her passpoert and gathered together the best of her findings into one unique collection. From the practical to the frivolous, the fun to the profound, the stylish to the surprising.. (from the one of the first pages of the book)

Original price was £10

My mum found this for me in a charity shop...should I be offended? Nahh, its packed with lots of cool things from useful laundry tips to where's best to get chocolate from, I would honestly take too long to list the contents! The design on the cover is lovely in itself and I kinda see it like a personal scrapbook.
Page dedicated to 'Vintage' 
One of a few double pages with tips and place to go in Paris
Finishing off with a few pages to write down you're own notes

Another thing about getting books from charity books is the chance of a written note inside the cover, its nice to have a read...ignoring the fact its a gift that's been given away haha - however I didn't want to post a photo of it because I'm paranoid like that and I'd like to think I'm giving that person a break :)

I'm likely to write another post about my 'Charity shop' finds! 


Camden Town

Just like my Brick Lane post I wanted to show a few photos from Camden, London, that I liked.
I'm starting to see a bit of a theme...Food. Well all things sweet :) 

Found this little sweet shop in the 'Old Horse Stables' (downstairs) in Camden, tucked away in the corner. I didn't think to get the name of it though :/ Sorry! But just to show it has so many varieties, and below is a close up of some traditional looking sweety jars and labels..

From the sweet shop (above) I got a little container that looked like it belonged in a game in a arcade - if you get me? I paid £1 and it was like a surprise in a box (Each one was different). Inside mine was a packet of pink chocolate pigs and a cute heart locket...which kind of looks like a sweet itself. I did struggle to open the container though!

 So go to Camden if you want dessert or a snack! And the market ain't bad either ;)